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Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

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Judul*:Apple iPhone 5 16GB (Factory Unlocked)
Promo*:Apple iPhone 5 16GB (Factory Unlocked)
Apple iPhone 5 32GB (Factory Unlocked)
Apple iPhone 5 64GB (Factory Unlocked)

Package content *In the Box
*Original Apple iPhone 5
*Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
*Lightning to USB Cable
*USB Power Adapter

SKYPE::......... mahmud.aziri07
Buy 2 get 1 free

RETURN POLICY: This is to let you know that if there is any report of damage of product ordered from us with the first six months of purchase,we shall refund your money or replace with a brand new one of that same product but all claims must be genuine.

interested buyer Should contact us using with the following :
SKYPE::......... mahmud.aziri07

Gambar/Foto:12 apple iphone 5 blak.jpg

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